Holiday Breakup


On the 4th of July, playful, free-spirited CHLOE meets serious-minded JEFF and they fall crazy in love under the fireworks. By Labor Day they’re ready to move in together, but Halloween is a nightmare freak show and they break up. Then the awful truth hits them: They’re about to spend The Big Three holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve alone. Neither one of them wants to endure the soul-crushing pity from friends and family, so they decide to pretend they never broke up, to act like they’re still wildly in love, and go to all the holiday parties as a gleeful couple. ‘Tis the season to be deceiving! As they tumble through the holiday season, their “pretend” relationship makes everyone else’s perfect world seem not so perfect, as both their parents marriages and their friends’ relationships are all on shakier ground than anyone thought. In the end CHLOE and JEFF have to decide if their pretend romance is more real than anything they’ve ever dreamed of.


Comedy, Romance


Temple Mathews


Katie Leclerc
Shawn Roe
Manon Mathews