Jyoti Mistry


Crime, Thriller


Alex McGregor, Bjorn Steinbach, Desmond Dube




An exclusive safari lodge, the who’s who of South Africa’s new politically connected elite are gathering to celebrate the engagement party of ZANELE MAJOLA, a minister’s daughter, to LIFA MAPUFO, a rising political star. An open truck of delighted tourists; the morning game drive makes a grisly discovery. The mauled remains of Zanele’s ravaged corpse in the pristine beauty of the African wilderness. Two young lovers, DERREN and ECHO, waiters at the safari lodge are brought in for questioning. Their complicity in the Zanele’s murder seems obvious and DINGANE FAKUDE, Special Crimes Unit, arrives to investigate the murder hoping for a swift conviction in order to protect his politically powerful masters. Aiding him in the investigation is the small town cop, NAVEED KHAN, a self-styled outcast and trained psychologist. But things are not as they appear. What looks like an open and shut case soon leads to a maze of deceit and revenge.