The Force Family Mysteries: Felony Bay (In Pre-Production with Walden Media)


Emily Force and her niece Bee, are the newest residents of Reward Plantation, a vast old country estate purchased by Bee's father outside of Charleston. Ever since Bee's mother passed away from a car accident, Em has looked after her niece while Bee's father is constantly away on business.

Em hopes the new surroundings will help Bee recover from the loss of her mother. When Bee meets and becomes friends with their neighbor Abbey Force (no relation), Em is more than thrilled. Abbey is the same age as Bee and the daughter of Reward's former owner; she too has had tragedy with a parent, her own father is currently laying in a coma. Through Abbey, Em meets a new friend as well, the handsome Custis Pettigrew, a lawyer at Abbey's father's firm.

While on one of their summertime adventures exploring the big plantation, Abbey and Bee discover heavy digging equipment and no trespassing signs in an isolated part of Reward. Abbey knows the land well and is puzzled because the marked off area should still be a part of the plantation and owned by Bee's father. The girls tell Em of their discovery and she finds herself drawn to their findings of the secluded river inlet called Felony Bay.

As Em and Custis' friendship blossoms into a relationship, Abbey and Bee make it their mission to dig deeper to find answers about Felony Bay as things just don't add up. Amid crooked land deals and rumors of long-lost Confederate gold, the girls start to discover more about the land that someone is trying hard to hide. With Custis' help, Em tries to keep the girls safe from harm as they unravel the truths of Felony Bay.


New, Drama, Family, Romance