Wedding Spice


Inspired by a true story. When her seemingly perfect life falls apart, Los Angeles based Chef Lucy travels to Columbia to rekindle her lost love with Jose, whom she left at the time to focus on her career. However, she learns quickly that Jose is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Annamaria. After toying with the idea of leaving early, Lucy realizes her time in Palenque isn’t over yet. Jose has a brother, Antonio, who has been hired by the government to teach the illiterate majority of Palenque, but has been having little success. Lucy sees a chance to help Jose and extend her stay in Columbia. Blown away by the unique dishes the elders of Palenque created, she proposes the idea to get the community to come together to write a cookbook that captures the unique food and culture of their village. Everyone is on board and they agree to help Lucy after seeing the opportunity to help the people of Palenque become more literate and preserve their culture through this cookbook.

Over the period of her stay in Palenque, Lucy and Antonio begin to form a romantic bond. As Lucy’s final night approaches before her return to the U.S., the balance of love versus work pulls at Lucy’s heart strings. Which will she choose this time around?


New, Drama, Romance