About Us

In the dynamic realm of cinema, American Cinema International (ACI) stands as a beacon of excellence. With over two decades in the industry, ACI, founded by George Shamieh and Chevonne O'Shaughnessy, has carved a niche in global film distribution and production.

From Vision to Reality

The inception of ACI was driven by the shared passion and vision of George and Chevonne. Their combined expertise and dedication laid the foundation for a company that would redefine the boundaries of international film distribution. Today, ACI's vast distribution network spans multiple streaming platforms worldwide, ensuring films find their audience, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Originality at its Best

Beyond distribution, ACI's commitment to cinema shines brightly in its romance films. Each year, the company produces 3 to 4 original romance films, capturing the essence of love, passion, and human connection. These films, celebrated for their heartfelt narratives and captivating characters, have garnered a loyal audience worldwide. ACI's dedication to the romance genre has been recognized with multiple accolades. Notably, they received the prestigious Silver Telly Award and were honored with the Movieguide Epiphany Award in 2015. These awards further cement their reputation as pioneers in romantic cinematic excellence.

A Journey of Resilience

The film industry is marked by constant evolution, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Yet, under the steadfast leadership of George Shamieh and Chevonne O'Shaughnessy, ACI has not only navigated these waters but has consistently emerged triumphant. Their forward-thinking approach, coupled with an unwavering commitment to quality, has solidified ACI's reputation as a trusted name in the global cinematic arena.

The Road Ahead

As ACI embarks on its next chapter, the horizon looks promising. With plans to further expand its distribution reach and produce even more award-winning content, the company is poised for continued success. For George, Chevonne, and the dedicated ACI team, the cinematic journey is far from over.

The company is constantly looking for interns on sales, development, production, and social media. please get in touch with the main office at sales@aci-americancinema.com


George Shamieh is co-founder and C.E.O. of American Cinema International. He previously served as President and partner of the established mini studio PM Entertainment for thirteen years. During his time at PM he successfully guided the company to a dominant position within the global marketplace.

Chevonne O’Shaughnessy is the co-founder and president of American Cinema International.  She began her career as the President of International sales for PM Entertainment. Her 10 years in the position resulted in the production and sales of over 176 feature films and two successful television series.  

Carlos Herrera Trujillo is the Vice President of Sales at ACI. He oversees sales and daily operations at the company. He is an avid dog trainer and motorcycle driver.

Carlos Herrera Trujillo


Matthew Martin is the Operations Coordinator at American Cinema International. In his free time he enjoys producing/directing films, watching films, and traveling.

Matthew Martin

Operations Coordinator


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